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About Us

All about Meliora 42 and our team

Meliora 42 is a global esports and entertainment organization that combines franchised team ownership with audience engagement to connect with fans, franchises and corporate partners around the world. M42 creates an esports organization that is valuable on a local, regional and global level, enabling synergies within different communities at multiple levels. With teams in Asia and Europe, M42 in its early days already has over 50 players competing at the highest level in a variety of games.


However, M42 is more than just an esports team. Lead by industry leaders, M42 is here to revolutionize and become the new esports and entertainment powerhouse. The brand focuses on three pillars: 


  1. Teams and Talent 

  2. Content and Community 

  3. Tournaments and Competitions

Our Philosophy


M42 Esports has established a pathway for local grassroots talents and top players to be pro champions globally across all relevant esports titles.


We place the utmost importance in engaging the community that has allowed this industry to grow. From fan favourite players to producing content for their supporters, M42 is the team of the community. Esports was created at the grassroots and M42 intends to repay those who have helped the industry to become what it is today.